Testo e traduzione Dance Inna Babylon dei Mellow Mood

Dance Inna Babylon dei Mellow Mood. Testo e traduzione del brano inserito nell’album Move del 2012.

Ascolta Dance Inna Babylon


Dance inna babylon till its throne a fall
I and I who see teachings of the rastaman
back inna di yard living gets so hard
never play di game of a politician

With rightousmess I will bring you to my heart
reveal you all I have ever heard
and everything will be so far away
’cause you to me mean every words I say
Me just can try to fight dat all only with me hands
but with you here with no fears I know it could be better
and I always know where we a come from
and I’ll fight till Jah keep me so strong

Inna dis race where people rise and fall
ain’t got no money well you gotta bow
but with your work with the knowledge of your edge
you won’t believe to every single word dem say
Me not a soldier it’s not there where I’m supposed to be
and ain’t no war ain’t no game me nuh work for your deals
me see anyone suffering alone
but together dem cyaan never get we down

Blaze, blaze up di fyah and look down on the road
blaze, blaze up di fyah for dem who never bow
Blaze, blaze up di fyah and look down on the road
blaze. Blaze up di fyah dem never tell you what
children suffering, struggling, for politic strategy
dem never care of uman, only what dem a conquering
dem boundaries and barriers control all we umanity
but sufferah still shouting and you won’t hear about it


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