Refuge dei Mellow Mood: il testo

Mellow Mood sono usciti da poco con il loro nuovo video della canzone Reguge che potete vedere a questo link. Vogliamo proporvi anche il testo della canzone. Eccolo quindi qui sotto:


I know I can, come we go cross all bars,
and nothing I can’t, written in mi karma
I know I can, come we go cross all bars,
and nothing I can’t, written in mi karma

And mi left a likkle note under Cecilia’s door,
and mi used to feel at home inna Stefany’s store,
inna little Rosie’s eyes mi coulda pick up di core,
when mi was in front of Sofy mi was all insecure.

Memba when Lauper’s voice it was all I adored,
memba when dat cd was a thing I borrowed…
Sometime yesterdays dem give hope like tomorrows:
if u memba di good you’ll forgive di sorrow.

So behold alla dat memories dem inna session
and behold all of dem with kind of devotion
and behold although dat may bring vexation
‘ca now it is time to move on!

You had a little car, had a little bar,
had a little garb, you was a little star,
clear up your settle, try out your mettle,
don’t feel no nettle… Just find your way!

Could I mek metaphors
like di great Nazim,
could I itemize dem quick
like di hummingbird wings,
could I sparkle and gleam
like a new morning…
Like a light under skin man it a exocrine

Hold back di tears while you chock down a sub,
although dem all a try fe ripple and rob,
deyah white swan when you let your smile come out
A zillion of sparks and of glitters and hey!

Mi boil and mi bubble, mi coulda break marble,
so now mi clarify, well, let’s tek a while,
some words like coconuts dem twist mi jaws
from side to side,
got to soften and lime before dem glide
feeling like mi dreaming like mi steaming
so mi go so then:

Rain dogs, rain dogs,
rain dogs inna mi town,
drag mi inna di dirt and watch mi rise clean like a dawn
come kill mi seed watch mi grow another one,
invoke a tornado and watch how firm mi stand!

‘Ca everything, yeh, everything,
I can do everything,
mi coulda break gravity and cure without a medicine,
own all without havin’ it, live good without needin’ it,
sleep well without sleeping pills
and clean up mi city!

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