giovedì 19 Maggio 2022

Show Us dei Mellow Mood: il testo

E’ uscito il nuovo singolo dei Mellow Mood che potete ascoltare a questo link. Vogliamo proporvi anche il testo della canzone Show Us. Eccolo quindi qui sotto:


Just one day, one day, one day
dem a go bun up in flames, oh flames oh flames

Dem cyaan get we under, non a dem cyaan escape when judgement thunder
nuff a dem me see seh dem go wonder why dem didn’t choose to be humble
and now me wanna see the hands up ova dehso, donìt be no dumb nah go stress out
could me catch all a those smiles round dehso, babylon cannot stop me from saying so

I’ve got one aim, one destiny, one destination
to see my people never cry for desperation
me nah go fail, me nah go down caw dat’s my station, noone will never lose controll
so nah stop giving, most a di time yuh seh yuh leaving but trust in the life weh yuh living
no desease feeding, miracles come when yuh a leading
so reap what you sow with thanks giving

Show us the way and give I the name for I keep holding on
Give I the chance to be in your plans oh my God

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