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Testo e traduzione Everything She Want dei Mellow Mood

Everything She Want dei Mellow Mood. Testo e traduzione del singolo del 2015, inserito nell’album 2 The World del 2015.

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Then she calls at night cries at night
wipe away those tears from your eyes
I nuh let nobody hurt yuh
dis song cyaan neva hurt yuh
she say she ovastressed though she do di best
she’s in need a di sweetest caress
and if yuh don’t know where to run to
me deh a place yuh can come to
she say I’m everything she want
I’m everything she call for
but now she tek a choice and get a man dung so
alla dis stuff cause me pain and it seems like it kill me
tired a bearing di stress an watch all around di gyal dem near you
she say

Tell me seh yuh love me
tell me seh yuh near me
baby don’t go hide an come say it to me clearly
Tell me seh yuh love me
tell me seh yuh near me
baby don’t go hide an come stick to me like dis

Too many times tears from yuh
can yuh see my eyes bun for you
now when she cry pain is true
but tomorrow flowers bloom
so try nuh fi tan like whole heap a tan
caw yuh know why mostly the same ting a gwaan
reap what yuh sow an life coulda fun
when stress a press put a light in the dark and
don’t find another man
don’t run back a another one
baby stick to me yuh know seh mi need yuh fi stand by me
and don’t find another one
don’t run back a another one
baby please come tell me

Mi fi know seh yuh crying
yuh fi know seh mi trying
but between we a silence
caw we far thousands miles
and cry we a cry till we eyes get red
and we know seh we nuh go nowhere
so mi beg yuh tek my hands
come to mi and hear me say again


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