giovedì 19 Maggio 2022

Try Baby: il nuovo video dei Mellow Mood con MoyMoy

Annunciato da qualche giorno, esce oggi 18 giugno il nuovo video dei Mellow Mood ad un anno e un mese esatto dall’uscita del loro ultimo album “Well Well Well”. E proprio da questo disco è estratta “Try Baby” una traccia seducente che vede aggiungersi alle voci dei fratelli Garzia anche la voce femminile di MoyMoy.

Ed è proprio questo brano, scritto da Jacob e traccia numero 8 di “Well Well Well”, che oggi vede l’uscita del videoclip dove i protagonisti sono proprio Jacob e Moy Moy. “Try Baby” è il quarto singolo dell’ultimo album e segue “Inna Jail”, “Refugee” e “She’s No Nice”.


Testo Try Baby

Try baby, with all the love inna your heart
try baby, it won’t mek yuh fall apart
try baby, and those tears will let yuh go
try baby, it seems just like the rain fall

Watch how di people dem a gwaan I don’t care girl
dem only want to fuss and fight with dem neighboor
and if the truth I never talk dat’s for my ego
but I will kick it away and it a let me go
She say she love all the way that we stayed
but then somehow dem a turn a wrong way so
don’t let your mind work pon your heart seh fi real
‘cause it would only spend time just for us to separate

She says she nah leave noone so
and so she nah give no thanks so
and she nah give a damn about those fucking foolish answear
all those desperate falling, she was deh always calling
and there’s noone to be true with and there’s noone fi hold her
So no matta who yuh are, run gonna mek her like a star
‘cause it’s no long no far, and there’s no peace no war
love is the real reward, we never gonna mek it hard
now she don’t wanna trick her heart
so she says

Mi a go try until ma God nah let mi try nah more
yuh see da love ina ma heart dat be for life for sure
dem bwoy wann fi watch!
mi nah ga let it up
cos dat one man yh
den yuh si dem afi drop back
tell dem gwey stop dat
av da key lock dat
trap dem a talk too bad
fa dem answer

Yuh simme deh fi gwan a different way
but it will spend time
just for us to separate
so u gwan fi mek a change
stop with all da playing
cah u cant tek dis fa game
if yuh wann gimme ya name

What do you want me say?
i can “try again” if you are hardly the same
i can love you from the heart
love you with my all
but know that from the start
i am not your fool
your telling me try baby
go ahead try baby
but i say
its gonna be bye baby

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